Hydropower in the power generation industry

  • Instruments and solutions for the reliable and sustained operation of turbine and generator
  • Supervision of cooling water, lubrication water, lubrication oil, bearing oil supply. Temperature control of bearings and generator windings
  • Accurate non contact level measurements
  • calibrated inline flowmeters for small and large pipes

Hydropower is energy generated by utilizing the natural power of moving water (kinetic energy). It is harnessed by hydroelectric systems and converted into electricity using a turbine and a generator. Hydropower is classified as a renewable source of energy because the water supply is constantly replenished by the sun (causing rain). It is eco-friendly, it does not emit greenhouse gases and does not contribute to pollution and global warming. China boasts the largest producer of hydropower today, followed by Canada, Brazil and the USA. Because of its abundance, hydropower is projected to be the dominant energy resource in the world for many years to come.

When flowing water is captured and turned into electricity, it is called hydroelectric power or hydropower. There are several types of hydroelectric facility; they are all powered by the kinetic energy of flowing water as it moves downstream. Turbines and generators convert this energy into electricity, which is then fed into the electrical grid to be used in homes, businesses, and by industry.

KROHNE offers various products and solutions for hydro power generation covering flow, level, temperature, pressure and systems for penstock leak detection. We manufacture UFM and EMF inline flowmeters up to 3.000 mm diameter and operate the associated flow calibration facility. With modular flowmeters bigger sizes can be covered.

Международное отраслевое подразделение - энергетическая промышленность

Наше международное отраслевое подразделение - энергетическая промышленность, наряду с KROHNE Nuclear обслуживает все другие энергетические процессы, от возобновляемых и низкоуглеродных процессов, до ископаемых технологий и распределения тепла. Диапазон предлагаемых нами услуг распространяется от поставки отдельного преобразователя дифференциального давления до готовых решений, к которым относится измерительная система, которая включает весь спектр услуг, от ввода в эксплуатацию до обучения персонала. Некоторые уникальные применения и решения для энергетической промышленности предлагают преимущества как для конечных пользователей, так и для компаний с сертификатом ЕРС. Имея более 100 представительств в разных странах мира, мы всегда готовы прийти на помощь нашим Заказчикам.

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